Nasogastric and Nasojejunal Tubes

CORPAK MedSystems offers a complete range of products to fit specific clinical needs in the hospital, nursing home and home care markets. Our enteral devices include a range of Nasoenteric products. Product information on Fine Bore Feeding tubes including nasogastric and nasojejunal product ranges available here.

pH Indicator Strips

CORPAK MedSystems UK are delighted to supply the Merck Serono pH Indicator Strips which are CE certified for the semi-quantative visual determination of the pH in gastric tube aspirate, of human origin, for the assessment of correct tube placement.

The strips are buffered to a pH of 7 which allows for a consistent and accurate pH reading.

  • 0.5 increments meet NPSA requirements
  • 3 colour change for accuracy
  • Re sealable container
  • Available in two ranges to meet clinical needs

The 0 – 6 range Order code 090120604

The 2 – 9 range Order code 090120603

pH Indicator Strips image