Nasogastric and Nasojejunal Tubes

CORPAK MedSystems offers a complete range of products to fit specific clinical needs in the hospital, nursing home and home care markets. Our enteral devices include a range of Nasoenteric products. Product information on Fine Bore Feeding tubes including nasogastric and nasojejunal product ranges available here.

CORFLO® Fine Bore Feeding Tubes

The CORPAK MedSystems CORFLO enteral feeding tube is fully compliant to the most recent NPSA Alert (March 2011) as well as the NPSA/2007/19 alert to give you peace of mind.

All CORFLO® Fine Bore Feeding Tubes share the following
features to ensure NPSA compliance:
Not compatible with IV syringes Yes
Compatible with catheter tip syringe Yes
Compatible with female Luer syringe Yes
Completely radiopaque Yes
Routes of administration clearly labelled Yes
Regular centimetre markings Yes
Labelled "ENTERAL" (and colour coded) ports Yes
Additional features specific to Fine Bore Tubes
  • Polyurethane construction for increased strength compared to silicone designs
    • maximum durability and longevity
    • patient comfort
    • kink resistance
    • Large internal lumen size compared to silicon tubes of the same Fr size
  • Responsive to direct manipulation for easy placement, which can save procedure time
  • Colour coded ports allow for ease of length identification
  • All CORFLO® feeding tubes are CE marked, permitting single patient use which means the tubes can be repassed in the same patient
  • Includes the unique dual Corport Universal Y Adapter
    • allows simple co-administration of medicines and flushing
    • closed system reduces infection potential and simplifies feeding protocols in the community
    • universally compatible with all feeding sets
  • Entire tube is radiopaque with or without stylet and can be marked for accurate placement
    • tube 20% barium sulphate
    • feeding tip 40% barium sulphate
  • Internal and external tip coating of water-activated lubricant C19
    • assists with insertion procedure
    • is required for ease of stylet removal.
fine bore tubes


  • Single Patient Use
  • Medical grade polyurethane
  • Product identification printed on tube
  • Centimetre markings printed on tube
  • Radiopaque tube and tip
  • Tungsten weighted guide tip (weighted tubes only)
  • Water-activated C-19 lubricant on both tip and internal lumen of tube
  • Exclusive anti-clog exit port
  • Pre-inserted braided stainless steel stylet
  • Male Luer and stylet connector colour coded for length
  • Combination female Luer and catheter/bladder syringe access ports for irrigation, aspiration or feed allowing a closed system to be maintained
  • Contents sterile unless package is damaged or opened