Gastrostomy Tubes

CORPAK MedSystems offers a complete range of products to fit specific clinical needs in the hospital, nursing home and home care markets. CORPAK MedSystems' enteral devices include a range CORFLO PEG products, various Gastrostomy Devices and disposables. Product information on PEG, balloon gastrostomy and low profile balloon gastrostomy product ranges available here.

CORFLO® Over The Wire (O.T.W.) Push PEG

The only polyurethane traction-removable Push PEG Tube.

  • Provides reliable internal fixation, while still traction removable
  • Option to convert to a jejunostomy at a later date using an extension kit
CORFLO® Push PEG Kit contents
  • 1 ea. Polyurethane PEG feeding tube with internal retention bumper with elastic foam
  • 1 ea. Right angle tube fixation device
  • 1 ea. Tube fixation bar
  • 1 ea. 14 G. needle catheter
  • 1 ea. 18 G. Seldinger needle
  • 1 ea. 260 cm .035 wire guide
  • 1 ea. Scalpel with No. 11 surgical blade
  • 1 ea. CORFLO Y-adapter with male Luer lock
  • 1 ea. Fenestrated drape
  • 1 ea. Med-Clamp
  • 1 ea. Towel
  • CORFLO Clog Zapper
  • PEG Corlock Y-Adapter Repair Kits
    • Y-adaptor feeding connector combining a Luer lock with a dual bolus port
  • CORFLO Disposable Retrieval Snare
    • optional accessory for PEG placement procedure
  • CORFLO Gastrostomy Tube Y-extension Set
gastro OTW Push PEG


  • Compatible with female Luer and catheter tipped NPSA compliant syringes
  • Polyurethane composition for high
    • strength
    • durability – more resistant to deterioration than Silicone PEGs
    • patient comfort
  • Universal dual-port facilities
    • ease of use
    • simple repair and maintenance
    • allows closed system to be maintained
  • External fixator minimises risk of displacement and holds tube at a right-angle for increased patient comfort
  • Contents sterile unless package is damaged or opened